I Moved House!

Yesterday, I upped my status as an adult in the world and embarked on a brand new adventure. I moved house.

As you will know if you watched my Living in a Warehouse video, I used to live in a warehouse. I lived in a huge communal space with separate bedrooms and had eleven housemates. I lived in this lovely warehouse from October 2014 until yesterday. I was ready to move on from the warehouse style of living to something smaller, quieter and well, cleaner. Also, I HAVE WINDOWS IN MY BEDROOM NOW!

I live in a 3 bedroom flat with my friends Lauren and George and I love it. I am currently alone in the flat because the housemates are out and I’m sat on the sofa writing this with the England v Wales football game on in the background and I feel amazing. This feels right.

Yesterday, I hired a man with a van to drive all my stuff across London because I own furniture now. For ease, I didn’t unpack some of my drawers and so we just carried them full of stuff. As he was lifting my bedside table I said to him, “carry it this way so the door doesn’t fling open and my sex toys don’t fall out, that could be awkward”. Damn you, Hannah, you made it awkward just saying that! Sometimes I don’t think before I speak.

Despite that, this move has made me feel just a little bit more of an adult. So far I’m comfortable being in the flat on my own. In the warehouse it was very rare that you’d ever be the only person home so I was worried I’d get anxious or bored completely left by myself but I’m fine! I’m adulting!

One good thing about the warehouse was that it was all on the ground floor. My flat is on the top floor and then my bedroom is the top floor of the flat so carrying all those boxes up stairs got us very very sweaty. Had to sit outside on the roof for a bit just to cool down.


I am only in this new home for a few days before I go to Los Angeles for 2 and a half weeks for VidCon but I’m going to settle in as much as possible with the time I’ve got and then I can’t wait to properly get into a routine living here and hanging out with my new housemates! Here’s Lauren, you might know her:

Even though I’ve only been here a day I’ve already fully unpacked. I like getting it all done in one go so I can then relax. It took a while but my room looks like, well…my room. It feels homey and like I’ve been here for ages! Although, all my storage is at maximum capacity! No more buying stuff, Witton!

Thanks for all your tweets and messages during the move! When I posted a photo yesterday you all seemed just as excited as I am about having windows! Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life here in London.

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How I Stay Organised

I’m feeling stressed today.

Here’s proof:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.32.20

I’ve got so much to do and so little time. Things my brain is trying to manage all at once:

  • Maintaining my video and blog upload schedule
  • About 4 different brand deals to work on over the next couple months
  • Preparing content to upload whilst I’m in LA
  • Packing for LA
  • Writing speeches for a couple events I’m doing
  • Secret project thing (I wouldn’t be a YouTuber if I didn’t have a secret project)
  • Thinking about the EU Referendum
  • MOVING BLOODY HOUSE (this is causing everything to be more stressful because it means I have limited time)

Anyway, I’m planning on making a video on how to deal with stress and maybe I can take some of my own advice. One of my tips is get organised! and I love talking organisation so thought I’d write blog just about that. I realise that I’m a very organised person so a lot of this stuff comes naturally to me and I really enjoy it. But I’d thought I’d share with you how organise my life and maybe you can take just one thing from it that helps you.

  1. To-do Lists
    I love lists. Who doesn’t? Let’s be real, lists are amazing and give me such satisfaction. First of all, they help me organise my thoughts when I’ve got a million things to do and they’re all whizzing around my brain, writing them down helps me focus. And then of course there’s the delicious feeling of crossing something off when you’ve completed it. I personally use Google Docs for my lists, that way I have access to it on my laptop and my phone and I can edit and move things around easily. I write the days and then bullet point underneath things I need to do that day. Everything from ‘edit that video’ to ‘change bed sheets’. If it’s not on my list, it’s not getting done.Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.58.38
  2. Inbox Zero
    If you haven’t heard of this, ‘inbox zero’ is basically a way of managing your emails so your inbox is empty or almost empty at all times. Seeing people with 13,475 unread emails makes me feel physically sick. That’s not my jam. I have folders for different things in my work and personal email and once an email is dealt with it goes in the corresponding folder. It brings me great joy having a tidy inbox and helps me keep on top of emails.
  3. Calendars
    I will admit that using technology to organise my life means that I have no idea what I’m doing until I look at my calendar or to-do list for the day. There’s not much stored up in my head anymore. If the internet ever breaks I’m screwed. But with that in mind, I love calendars! I use 3 calendars in iCal – personal, business and family – these tell me where to be and when. Then I use a google calendar to organise video uploads and blog posts. These often get moved around but I need an upload schedule otherwise I wouldn’t make anything. Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 13.19.15
  4. Brain splurge
    I realise my techniques so far are very digital and many people prefer the traditional pen and paper approach. And don’t get me wrong I own so many notebooks with various lists, scribbles and thoughts in them. One thing that helps me organise my work is doing a spider diagram of everything I’ve got going on at that time so I can see it all clearly in one place. It definitely helps to physically write things down.
  5. Tidy tidy
    I am not a clean person but I am tidy. Everything I own is in its place but covered with a layer of dust. Having a tidy work space really helps me be organised and productive. Then my brain isn’t thinking about how messy it is but instead focusing on the task at hand. And I tend to tidy up as I go along instead of waiting until there’s a massive mess and doing a big sort out. As soon as a little mess appears, I get stressed.

So that’s how I stay organised. Now you know the tricks behind all my magic! If you needed any help getting organised then I hope this has given you some inspiration. If you have any other techniques, please leave them in the comments – different things work for different people so I think it’d be useful for all!

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Dating in Your Twenties

As you know by now, because I mention it all the time, I have been single for over 5 years. But in my sordid past, I was one of those girls who had lots of lots of boyfriends (not at the same time but you could rely on me to have a constant stream of boyfriends one after the other between the age of 12 and 17). Then I had my super duper serious lovey dovey relationship and then that ended when I was 19 and now I’m 24. So there’s your context to how I ended up like this –


Even though I haven’t had a serious relationship since then I have done a lot of dating and boy oh boy is dating in your twenties different from navigating love in the playground. Here are just some things that I’ve noticed:

Will you be my girlfriend? aka Labels WTF?!

In school it was simple. You had crushes, if it was reciprocated then one person would ask the other person out. The askee would then reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and if the answer was a yes you were officially “going out” until maybe a few months later when someone sends a “you’re dumped” text. Teenagers are brutal.

But when you’re in your twenties things are bit more complicated. There are so many different kinds of romantic/sexual relationships you can have with people and not everyone is always on the same page. Dating, seeing each other, casual, friends with benefits, one-night stand, in a relationship, exclusive, open etc. And different people place different meanings on the same description – language is cool, right? I told a friend I was dating someone, which to me meant that we’d been on a few dates and I liked them and wanted to see where things would go but I was still open to other people. But to my friend ‘dating someone’ meant they were my boyfriend and so he thought I couldn’t be dating someone and also still looking elsewhere. Throw into the mix if your partner has a different idea of what you are then things might get a bit messy. Not really sure what my point here is except that it’s a confusing, beautiful mess in your twenties and communication is good!

Making out for hours

Do you remember in relationships when you were 14 that you could be perfectly satisfied from just kissing and making out forever. No pressure to go any further, no burning desire in your crotch to get physical, just complete bliss. And it may have been months between kissing and a boob feel and then another month between a boob feel and a hand job. Slow and steady.

But then… once you have sex and as you get older you just want to have sex all the time (is this just me?). People talk about hormones during puberty making teenagers super horny but what about us twenty-somethings who are horny and frustrated? I would also like a scientific explanation for it so I can feel more normal please. Relationships move much faster now. Making out for hours just isn’t enough – before you know it someone is naked. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but sometimes I do think that everyone feels rushed, like sex is something to get over and done with. But actually waiting and taking your time can be just as exciting, sensual and satisfying. So I’d like to take this moment to come out in support of adults-making-out-for-hours. It’s a wonderful cause and I hope that you get behind it too.

Meeting the parents

Basically every teenage relationship you have, the meeting of the parents happens very early on and isn’t a big deal (this does not apply to people who have parents with very strict rules when it comes to dating due to things like culture or religion). But when you’re a teenager you live with your parents so there is really no avoiding everyone meeting. Even parents meeting parents is fairly likely. When I was 15, my parents met the parents of my boyfriend and my mum had a crush on his dad and my dad had a crush on his mum so I don’t think it could get weirder than that!

For most people in their twenties, you’re no longer living at home which means you can literally tell your parents nothing about your relationships. I tell my parents things about my love life somewhere between nothing and enough to satisfy their curiosity. But if you do introduce someone to your parents then it is A BIG DEAL. Okay, I’m saying this as someone who has not gone through this rite of passage yet so maybe it’s not as big a deal as I’m making it out to be in my head. But the idea of bringing a hypothetical boyfriend up to Manchester to meet my parents and stay in my family house for a couple days scares the living daylight out of me.

I think we should just be friends aka BREAKING UP

Again, everything was simpler when you were a teenager but at the time it really did not feel simple. It felt like your whole world was about to implode. And heartbreak was and still is one of the worst feelings in the world. That combo of emotional and physical pain really gets ya. When I was a teenager, breaking up with someone or being dumped was horrible but it was over fairly quickly. Someone would just say, ‘I don’t want to go out anymore, I think we should just be friends’ and the other person will just say ‘okay’ and then everyone will go on their merry way. Maybe some tears.

In your twenties, not only are  break ups more intense and complicated but if you’ve only been casually seeing someone then it’s hard to even tell if you have to break up with them in the first place. A very popular break up style at the moment is ghosting – you don’t say anything, just start ignoring calls and texts and eventually they’ll get the message. And even though this is annoying it has kind of become socially acceptable in more casual relationships. Sometimes it’s just as simple as not fancying someone which shouldn’t be taken personally. And then there’s the real full on break ups of serious relationships but we’re not going there because I have been single for 5 years. Have I mentioned that yet?

Even though it may have been simpler in my teens, I love a good bit of drama, anxiety and adventures in my dating life so I’m very happy to be single and dating in my twenties. This was very much based off my experiences now and when I was younger so I’d love to hear some of your stories in the comments!

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Would I ever have a public relationship?

Alright guys, let’s get personal. Or not. We’ll see. If you hadn’t noticed already I am very particular about which elements of my personal life I’ll share online and which I’ll keep private. This isn’t just about making a relationship “facebook official” but being a YouTuber adds another layer to things because there are thousands of people (strangers) who are to varying degrees interested in your life.

Now we all love a good YouTube couple especially when you’ve been shipping them even before they announced they were an item – that’s always very satisfying. But here’s the thing, I just don’t get why anyone would want to have a public relationship. People can do what they want and where other YouTubers decide to draw their personal boundaries is up to them and not me. But I still don’t get it. The other curve ball is that even though I’ve briefly dated people, for the past 5 years I have been mostly single. I’ve not had a serious enough partner that I would even start to think about whether or not I tell my audience about them. And then there’s the question of if my hypothetical partner is not a YouTuber, would I still introduce them onto the channel?

Yes, I talk about sex and relationships on my channel but usually conceptually or drawing on very past experiences. Being open about those kinds of topics makes a lot of my audience quite curious about my personal love life. But actually shout out to you guys, even though I can tell you’re curious most of you are very respectful of my boundaries and I appreciate that so much! I remember getting a comment on Drunk Advice with Tim H that said something like, ‘did they used to go out? not that it’s any of my business though, sorry’. Bless you!

At the moment I can think of two reasons why I personally would have a public relationship (please remember this is personal and I’m not bashing YouTubers who are in public relationships).

  1. It might be easier than trying to hide it, especially if they’re another YouTuber.
  2. I’d get more views (for real though, my video with Tim case in point).

But hey, I’m still very much single so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! I think one of the reasons why my gut reaction is against having a public relationship is because you would then have to have a public break up. Remember, most relationships end. So statistically speaking… am I going to have to make a break up video? To be honest, I don’t think anyone wants to make a break up video. But the idea of making a break up video is enough at the moment to deter me from ever having a public relationship with another YouTuber.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get personal on my channel. My friend, Leena, made a great video recently about what it’s really like to be single ( I’m thinking of making a video response) in which she says,

What are we doing here, if we’re not being intrusive in each others’ lives? What is even the point of YouTube? I might as well write a really distancing Guardian Comment Is Free article about the general topic of singledom but no, we’re on YouTube, it’s a platform where we get personal.

And I think I agree with her. So maybe you’ll see more personal videos/blogs from me in the future, maybe you won’t. And that decision will be entirely up to me (and my hypothetical partner – I might let them have a say in it too).

What do you think about public YouTuber relationships? Are you into them? Could you not give a toss? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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What really happens when we film Drunk Advice

So here’s the thing. I usually have on average 40 minutes of footage to work with when editing an episode of Drunk Advice. And each episode is under 10 minutes. So there’s a lot that you don’t see. So I thought it was only kind that I let you into my world and tell you about what really happens when we film Drunk Advice. But I’ll just tell you a little bit, I still need some secrets.

First of all, we are usually already drunk before the camera even starts rolling. This is due to having a few drinks whilst filming a video we do for the other person’s channel or just it is required for the social occasion of hanging out. Once we feel tiddly, then it’s time to film! Stupidly, I don’t set up the camera, lights and mic when I’m sober so all that is also done a few drinks in. So far no-one has been horribly out of focus and we’ve remembered to turn the mic on! So far.

I know what you want to ask: what happens in all the footage you don’t see? Well… to be honest everything and nothing. Most of the footage is us just drunkenly scrolling through our twitter feeds in silence trying to find good questions. When people comment saying that they want me to upload an uncut version for them to watch I think “why?! it’s so boring!”. I’ve edited it so you get all the exciting parts! But then on the flip side I have to cut some stuff out because I have to cut some stuff out. Alcohol + me + a friend = inappropriate behaviour and personal stories. Usually when we’re filming we’ll start talking about something and get really carried away and then realise there’s a camera rolling and say “well I’m going to have to cut all that out” or someone knows they’re about to say something private and they’ll say “cut this out but…”. I’ve got so much dirt on your favourite YouTubers.

Also I know exactly what I’m doing. I mean this in terms of the edit. Every time we hint at something a bit personal in an episode and then I cut it before it gets to the juicy part, guess what! I did that on purpose. I like messing with you and seeing you all freak out in the comments.

Some more #DrunkAdvice trivia:

  • Most episodes of Drunk Advice end in a sleepover.
  • So far there has not been an episode “in the spirit of drunk”.
  • 11/20 guests so far are LGBT+ (this includes the episode I filmed last night that isn’t on my channel yet).
  • There have been 2 vomits after a filming of Drunk Advice. The first was a guest *cough* Savannah Brown *cough* and the second was yours truly after the episode with Leena.
  • The next Drunk Advice will be with Riyadh K and in case I edit this part out I feel you deserve to know that Riyadh almost got his dick out and he definitely showed me a picture of his penis on his phone.


  • Calum spilt so much liquid on his jeans in his episode that he had to put his jeans in the dryer afterwards because we were going out. I took my jeans off in solidarity and then we started dancing to “What Do You Mean?” on chairs in our underwear.
  • The first Drunk Advice episode with Dodie happened by accident.

So basically, filming an episode of Drunk Advice is a complete mess. You never know what’s going to happen and because I edit the videos weeks after I’ve filmed them I tend to forget what happened until I see the footage and I’m hit in the face by my embarrassing drunk self.

Let me know in the comments what’s been your favourite episode of Drunk Advice so far and who you’d like to see as guests in future episodes!

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10 Adult Things I Do Now

I’m 24 which is definite adult status in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of some of society. But I’m still young and very much figuring this stuff out as it goes. Every so often all of the adulting that I have to do creeps up on me and I get really overwhelmed and I’m dealing with that right now by writing a blog post about it in list form.

  1. Organising my finances
    Oh sweet baby jesus, this is the one getting to me the most right now. I just started a company and so I’ve had to open a new bank account and change a million and one direct debits and try to understand all the things that my account is telling me about banking, receipts, income and taxes… It hurts my brain a lot. Also, I’m moving house soon and need to give the estate agents bank statements to prove I can pay rent and migrating bank accounts makes that a whole lot more difficult than it should be.
  2. I’m going to have to hire a moving van
    Speaking of moving house, I’m going to have to hire a moving van. Why? Because I’m an adult who owns furniture and unlike the good old student days I can’t pack up all my stuff into the boot of my parents car. This for me is a definite adulting thing to check off.
  3. I own a feather duster
    Seriously, it’s the best way to get rid of dust. If you wipe surfaces with a cloth the dust just gathers in a corner but with a feather duster a whole new world of opportunity is opened to you. It’s like the magic wand of cleaning. Oh my god I’m so boring.
  4. I go to the doctors when things are wrong with me
    When you’re young you think you’re invincible. Now if anything is wrong with me I will go to the doctors and get it checked out just in case. You never know! I’m so committed to my health I once spent a Saturday (and it was Valentine’s Day – although I had no plans) in a walk in clinic to get this painful thing on my leg checked out. Good job I did – I needed antibiotics. Health is important, people and the NHS is bloody brilliant! (although one adult thing I don’t do and should is go to the dentist…)
  5. All the essentials are in my handbag
    It is official. I have turned into my mother. When you’re out and someone says “does anyone have some water?” or “has anyone got any tissues?” or whatever it may be, I am that person now who will always have what you need! The practical bag lady at your service!
  6. I own 2 umbrellas
    Gone are my immature days of buying, losing and breaking umbrellas willy-nilly! I’m an adult now and I own 2 umbrellas and I check the weather in the morning before I leave the house for the day because I am prepared af!
  7. I have to remember the birthdays of grandparents and other family members
    I have a very close family and always send cards for birthdays. When I was living at home my parents would remind me when it was a family member’s birthday and we’d all write our cards and send them out together. Easy. Not so much any more. I have to remember myself. And I buy booklets of stamps now. I’m such an adult.
  8. I pay for subscriptions
    Okay, I pay for one subscription. I still use my family’s Netflix account and Apple Music but hey if it’s there why pay for another? But I did get my own personal adult subscription to NowTV because I wanted to watch Girls and Game of Thrones legally. Ya know, because I’m an adult.
  9. I have a shared calendar with my family
    The Witton family are very busy and important. So we have a shared calendar where we add things that we’re doing together and to book out time for important events like holidays, graduations, weddings and bar mitzvah’s. My younger sister is graduating this year so we’re all adults now.
  10. I read non-fiction books
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love fiction but fiction was all I read as a non-adult. I actually could never understand why people would read non-fiction, I thought it was boring. But now I can’t get enough of it! In fact I think most of my TBR list is non-fiction. I love it so much! Give me more!

So that’s 10 things I do now that I’m an adult. Let me know in the comments what “adult” things you do!

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The Best Day

I had the best day last weekend. Last Saturday was so good I couldn’t stop telling my friends about how good it was and now I want to tell you. Seriously, it was such a great day.

First of all I wasn’t drinking any alcohol (unlike this week, I’m currently writing this from bed with a banging headache) and so I woke up on Saturday morning naturally at 8:15am. I know! Since I was up I decided to go to Parkrun which is a 5k at 9am every Saturday morning in parks all over the country. So I ran a 5k. Standard. I then showered, had breakfast and sat down to write last week’s blog post about Playlist Live. Productivity! I then went to the Post Office to send off the postcards I write for some Patrons (if you would like a postcard from me – other rewards are available – then check out my Patreon page!). I didn’t realise that the Post Office closes at 12:30 on a Saturday but luck was on my side and I arrived at the Post Office at 12:20. Can you not see how great this day was yet?

In the afternoon I was meeting my friend Dan for lunch who I hadn’t seen in over a year. Instead of getting public transport I walked because it was a lovely day and I had time. So I walked for 30 minutes through north London in the sunshine listening to Fickle Friends and singing along out loud not caring who heard me. Amazing feeling. Also, I could see Alexandra Palace on my walk! Such a great view.

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Dan and I had lunch at this cute cafe surrounded by yummy mummies and it was so great to catch up. I mentioned that I could see Ally Pally on my walk over and he suggested that we walk up to it and so we did and the view of London from up there is incredible! I didn’t take any pictures but you can either google it or believe me. So we just lay on the grass in the sun for hours just watching planes go by and making weird shapes out of clouds and it was so peaceful. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time. Neither of us were thinking about work or worrying about getting somewhere afterwards on time, we were just fully in that moment and it felt so good. We even got ice-cream. I love ice-cream.


Dan and I parted ways in the late afternoon and turns out one of my friends from uni was in town and she was hanging out with another friend in central London. They told me to meet them at St. Paul’s so I got the tube but when I arrived they said they were at a pub on the other side of the river near Blackfriars. But I didn’t mind because it meant that I had to walk across Millennium Bridge (the one the Death Eaters destroy in Harry Potter) and London just looked stunning!


I hung out with and caught up with the girls for a bit and then I was meeting another friend for dinner at Yo Sushi on southbank. So I walked along southbank and I was just feeling so so happy. Ate some sushi and then we walked into Soho where we went to this little place that does amazing crêpes and is open late (it’s called Snowflake). And then I went home, was in bed by 11:30pm and watched a couple episodes of Kimmy Schmidt before going to sleep. Amazing.

This may sound like a really boring day to you but I just loved it so much. I loved the people I hung out with, the weather, the views of London but most of all I loved how relaxed and happy I felt throughout the whole day. I’m not sure how to describe it but it felt like I was glowing from within. I loved this day so much that I even wrote about it in my diary. That’s a big deal!

Have you had any days like this where you’ve been able to just enjoy the moment that you’re living in? I want to hear about your best days in the comments!

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Not losing my voice at Playlist Live 2016

Last weekend I went to Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida. It was my second time going to this event, the first being in 2014. It was at a different venue and immediately felt bigger and scarier – but in a good way.


I’m usually really good at combatting jet lag but on my first morning in Orlando I was wide awake so early that I’d gone for a run and done yoga all before 8am. Needless to say, that was the last time that happened over weekend. As soon as Playlist Live began I was in ‘convention time-zone’. It’s a thing: three hours sleep each night; on your feet all day; forgetting to eat; lots of alcohol; dancing and napping.

So my voice. This is a big deal for me – I didn’t lose my voice! If you know me or have ever met me at a convention you’ll know that by the end of day one I have no voice. And I don’t just mean a strained voice like everyone else. No. Voice. Can’t. Speak. I would also just lose my voice from nights out or being in loud bars.

Anyway, I decided that enough was enough and I went to my doctor about it. They referred me to ENT (ears, nose, throat) and had a tube shoved up my nose and down my throat to check it out and low and behold! there was swelling, irritation and soreness. They speculated that I might have a cyst or nodes. Although this sucks I was actually really happy that there was really something wrong with me because a lot of my friends just said I lost my voice because I was loud and talked a lot.

I was referred to therapy, I had a few sessions over a couple months and did my voice exercises every day. I went back to have another tube up my nose (really unpleasant btw) and they noticed improvement! I knew that I could feel I was speaking differently but I was so happy and shocked that they could see visible improvement. BUT nothing was real until I’d put my voice to the test and Playlist Live was going to be that test. AND MY VOICE SURVIVED. Yes it was strained but so was everyone else’s voices! By the end of a long weekend talking constantly, meeting people and partying I could still speak.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this but you have no idea how much this means to me. Losing my voice would make me feel really down about myself and it made me feel like I couldn’t do my job properly. So yeah, that’s my big news from Playlist Live. Obviously lots of other cool stuff happened too so I’m just going to list them here and add some of the few pictures I took.

(side note: if you were wondering all my appointments, therapy and tubes down my throat were free on the NHS #SaveOurNHS) 

  • Four hour meet up – it was so cool meeting some of you! I was running on three hours sleep but your energy gave me energy. Also, was wearing the same outfit I wore at the party the night before and spilt beer in my hair that I hadn’t washed out. Evan said it was very “on brand”.
  • Panels! I spoke on 2 panels, ‘Crossing Over’ and ‘YouTube as a Resume’ and I moderated another that was on a big stage! (I wasn’t expecting that, I was very very nervous before hand) about ‘Growing up as a YouTuber’. I love talking on panels, it’s definitely on my favourite things about my job. Please ask me questions about my job that I love! I have so many answers!
  • Busy busy – I had a very packed out schedule at Playlist Live and it was one of the first times at a convention that I felt like I was actually working (it’s your job, Hannah, you should feel like you’re working all the time).  But I realise how privileged I am that I do this as my main source of income.
  • Disney and Universal! Before Playlist Live I went to Disney World with friends and it was amazing. I hadn’t been in 20 years and I barely remember that first time. Next year I definitely want to go back and do more days at Disney. And on the final night of Playlist Live they opened up Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios for guests. We had the whole park to ourselves and there were no queues. It was incredible. I’m spoilt now. I’ll never be able to queue for a ride ever again.


Thanks for an amazing weekend, Playlist Live! The next convention I’m going to is VidCon so hopefully see some of you there and *fingers crossed* my voice stays again! Let me know which conventions you’ve been to and what are your favourites.

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Revenge for Nice People

Recently I was telling a friend about my school bully and I wished her a horrible life. “You don’t really mean that, do you?” my friend asked and yeah, he was right. I didn’t want her to be miserable her whole life just because she was a bit of a dick when she was 13. But that doesn’t take away from how much she hurt me all those years ago. So even though I’m a nice person and I don’t want her to die in a freak accident or anything dramatic like that, I do want her to suffer. Just a little bit. And so my friend and I came up with a list of revenges that nice people can wish for without corrupting their morality. Did I mention that we were drunk when we came up with this list?

I hope you have a boring job.

I hope the council forget to pick up your bins one week.

I hope you wait for an Amazon package and you’re home all day but you still got a “sorry we missed you” note.

I hope you hate your boss.

I hope your fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night just once but enough to wake you.

I hope your housemate’s alarm goes off when they are already in the shower and you can hear it through the walls and it’s 45 minutes before you have to be up.

I hope your favourite shirt shrinks in the wash.

I hope you’re sat on the toilet and have finished your business when you realise that you’re out of toilet paper.

I hope you step on lego.

Congratulations! You can now feel the satisfaction of wishing revenge upon someone who hurt you but you can sleep at night knowing you are still a nice person overall.

Please come up with your own in the comments!

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5 Years on YouTube -Looking Back on Old Videos

This Sunday, the 17th April, it will be 5 years since I uploaded my first video to YouTube. That video is called ‘Trying to Cook Spaghetti Bolognese’ and is now private. Sorry not sorry. In fact the first 8 videos I ever uploaded are now all private so congratulations if you’re one of the few who saw them before I got too embarrassed.

My profile pictures in chronological order from top left to bottom right. 

I have a special video coming out on Sunday to celebrate this occasion but for now I though I’d take a look back over the years and pick my 5 favourite videos from across my channel. Some of them you may not have seen before and I hope that you enjoy them!

  1. Animal Tracks

This is a cover of ‘Animal Tracks’ by Mountain Man. I recorded it late at night in my bedroom in Paris playing the guitar with my very limited skills with no microphone, just straight onto my laptop. I then sent it to my friend Bryarly who did the harmonies and sent it back. I love the old school international collaboration style. The little girl in the video is Violette, one of the children I was looking after whilst I was an aupair in Paris. She’s 7 years old in this which makes her 12 now… omg. I remember making this being one of my first tests in creativity. Having an idea and seeing if I could just make something. And I did.

2. Friend Zone

This was my first attempt at a bit of sketch comedy and we played it this way around because I wanted to show that women could be “friend zoned” too. Now though, I’d obviously say to this character and my past self that the ‘Friend Zone’ doesn’t exist. You’re just friends. But if you have other feelings for your friend then you should do something about it or move on instead of complaining about being “friend zoned” and making the other person look like the dick.


This was my first VidCon in 2012 and now I’m going back for my 5th year as a guest and doing panels and stuff! I can’t believe how far I’ve come in 5 years. This video was so much fun to make and a great way to bond with people at my first ever VidCon. People I knew from the internet, people I’d just met or good friends of mine. I love watching this video back, some people I’m like ‘who is that?!’. And others like Connor Manning just dance-bombing the shot who I didn’t actually “meet” properly until 2014 but his face is in a video of mine from 2012 which is cool! And then there’s Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler just hanging out in the main convention free and not surrounded by fans. And Chester See!? It’s such a weird mismatch of people and I love it!

4. Interviewing YouTubers at Summer in the City 2012

After VidCon I went to my first ever Summer in the City. I met the Victorious Sponge boys that day and they had a camera and microphone on them and towards the end when everyone was leaving and packing down we just decided to run around and chat to as many YouTubers as we could find. I love the result of it, it just reminds me of the pure joy and excitement that I got from being surrounded by loads of new friends, people I admired and just being a part of this whole world I never knew existed before. I hope that feeling never goes away. Also, Chris fucking Kendall is amazing.

5. I got dumped

I just realised that even though I’m a vlogger all the videos I’ve picked so far aren’t vlogs. But it’s those videos that just capture moments in my life that are my personal favourites and I go back to watch all the time. But here’s an old vlog I don’t cringe too hard at when I re-watch and this is the most personal I’ve ever gotten on my YouTube channel about my love life. Yeah I’ve shared some stuff but for the most part of my time on YouTube I’ve been single and haven’t shared things about who I’m dating. But I like this vlog because it reminds me of the whole vlogging process of ‘something happened to me and I have some thoughts/feelings so I’m going to vlog about it’. I like that.

And finally, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched my videos over the last 5 years – whether you’ve been subscribed for 5 years or 5 days – thank you so much. If I went back in time and told past-Hannah who just uploaded her first video where this would all lead, she would not believe me one bit. And sometimes even I can’t believe it now.

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