Not losing my voice at Playlist Live 2016

Last weekend I went to Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida. It was my second time going to this event, the first being in 2014. It was at a different venue and immediately felt bigger and scarier – but in a good way.


I’m usually really good at combatting jet lag but on my first morning in Orlando I was wide awake so early that I’d gone for a run and done yoga all before 8am. Needless to say, that was the last time that happened over weekend. As soon as Playlist Live began I was in ‘convention time-zone’. It’s a thing: three hours sleep each night; on your feet all day; forgetting to eat; lots of alcohol; dancing and napping.

So my voice. This is a big deal for me – I didn’t lose my voice! If you know me or have ever met me at a convention you’ll know that by the end of day one I have no voice. And I don’t just mean a strained voice like everyone else. No. Voice. Can’t. Speak. I would also just lose my voice from nights out or being in loud bars.

Anyway, I decided that enough was enough and I went to my doctor about it. They referred me to ENT (ears, nose, throat) and had a tube shoved up my nose and down my throat to check it out and low and behold! there was swelling, irritation and soreness. They speculated that I might have a cyst or nodes. Although this sucks I was actually really happy that there was really something wrong with me because a lot of my friends just said I lost my voice because I was loud and talked a lot.

I was referred to therapy, I had a few sessions over a couple months and did my voice exercises every day. I went back to have another tube up my nose (really unpleasant btw) and they noticed improvement! I knew that I could feel I was speaking differently but I was so happy and shocked that they could see visible improvement. BUT nothing was real until I’d put my voice to the test and Playlist Live was going to be that test. AND MY VOICE SURVIVED. Yes it was strained but so was everyone else’s voices! By the end of a long weekend talking constantly, meeting people and partying I could still speak.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this but you have no idea how much this means to me. Losing my voice would make me feel really down about myself and it made me feel like I couldn’t do my job properly. So yeah, that’s my big news from Playlist Live. Obviously lots of other cool stuff happened too so I’m just going to list them here and add some of the few pictures I took.

(side note: if you were wondering all my appointments, therapy and tubes down my throat were free on the NHS #SaveOurNHS) 

  • Four hour meet up – it was so cool meeting some of you! I was running on three hours sleep but your energy gave me energy. Also, was wearing the same outfit I wore at the party the night before and spilt beer in my hair that I hadn’t washed out. Evan said it was very “on brand”.
  • Panels! I spoke on 2 panels, ‘Crossing Over’ and ‘YouTube as a Resume’ and I moderated another that was on a big stage! (I wasn’t expecting that, I was very very nervous before hand) about ‘Growing up as a YouTuber’. I love talking on panels, it’s definitely on my favourite things about my job. Please ask me questions about my job that I love! I have so many answers!
  • Busy busy – I had a very packed out schedule at Playlist Live and it was one of the first times at a convention that I felt like I was actually working (it’s your job, Hannah, you should feel like you’re working all the time).  But I realise how privileged I am that I do this as my main source of income.
  • Disney and Universal! Before Playlist Live I went to Disney World with friends and it was amazing. I hadn’t been in 20 years and I barely remember that first time. Next year I definitely want to go back and do more days at Disney. And on the final night of Playlist Live they opened up Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios for guests. We had the whole park to ourselves and there were no queues. It was incredible. I’m spoilt now. I’ll never be able to queue for a ride ever again.


Thanks for an amazing weekend, Playlist Live! The next convention I’m going to is VidCon so hopefully see some of you there and *fingers crossed* my voice stays again! Let me know which conventions you’ve been to and what are your favourites.

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Why I ‘hate’ Los Angeles

I have been to LA 5 times in the last 5 years. That’s quite a lot for someone who doesn’t even like the city. I’d much rather be going to New York each year or visiting new places. But every summer I attend VidCon and over the years I’ve accumulated more and more friends in LA (friends who already lived there, or since moved there – stop moving to LA, people!)

When I was 17 I visited New York City for 5 days and I just got it. I could feel the energy of the city and it spoke to me. This sounds so corny but it’s true. I feel at ease in New York, it makes sense to me. When I first went to LA I didn’t get it at all. I couldn’t immediately get a sense of its vibe and so it confused me. It was so sprawled out and I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t explore in the way I wanted. No-one walked. What the?! Being a Brit and living in London for the last year and a half walking is my jam. I walk everywhere. It’s how you discover new places to eat, drink and dance. In LA you have to know the cool places to go ahead of time and then drive there. And then you can’t drink because you’re driving. How uncivilised.

LA was soulless to me. It had no heart. Nothing pulling me towards it. Except bloody VidCon every year. I always thought LA was a great place to visit. I could see all my friends, hang out on the beach, go shopping in Santa Monica, get my nails done, maybe do some hiking. Maybe. But I couldn’t see myself living there. All that time spent in your car waiting in traffic. It taking hours just to get to the other side of the city. At least when I spent 40 minutes on the tube I can read my book. You can’t read whilst driving! I guess that’s why audio books and podcasts are so popular. But I love my physical books!

I was recently on a trip to Las Vegas and I thought I might as well go see my friends in LA for a few days whilst I’m in the area – “the area” being based on a British perception of the size of the USA. I was only there for 3 nights and I was staying with my friends who have a place by the beach (score!). I realised that this was my first in LA when VidCon wasn’t happening and I started to like it. I got to feel more of the rhythm of the city and hang out with my friends when they’re not stressed/exhausted from VidCon. I had a meeting in Hollywood about a new web series I’m making, I went to the Getty Museum with my friend Alex, I organised a dinner with a bunch of friends in Venice, went to brunch, hung out and filmed some videos with Laci and went to my friend Karen’s birthday drinks. That’s more like it.

Five days was all it took for me to fall in love with New York but it took me five years to fall in love with LA.

Are you an LA or New York kind of person? Or neither? Which city in the world would you love to live in? Let me know in the comments!

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What happened in Vegas…

Goes on the internet. Obviously.

Hey guys! So if you’ve been following me on any of my social media you’ll know that I just spent the last 5 days in Las Vegas. It was a trip paid for by Pot Noodle as part of their #YouCanMakeIt campaign. The winner of the competition, Bianca, was there to show off her invention, The Kettle Kup, at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). And I was there to vlog the whole Vegas experience and do an interview with Bianca.

I left Vegas today and I’m now in LA for a couple days just seeing friends and I thought I would take this time to tell you about Vegas. Las Vegas is a very strange place. I went once before in May as part of the Trek America trip but we only spent one night at the beginning of our trip there and one night at the end so I hadn’t experienced much of Vegas. This time round though we were in the city for 5 whole days. That might just be too much Vegas for one girl. I am so hungover right now it’s unbelievable. And I’m so tired I want to sleep but it’s only 6:30pm when I’m writing this.

Classic tourist Vegas photo 🍾💵🎲🇺🇸

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First of all, let’s talk about gambling. I may or may not have gotten addicted to Black Jack. Black Jack is my game. I love Black Jack. After playing for a while and having other players around the table take pity on me and help me out I started to get the hang of it and learnt a few of the tips from “the book”. Because the trip was paid for I was willing to blow some money on gambling which I did on my final night. Before that I’d actually won money! One of the nights I spent about 3 hours on a Black Jack table having only put down $20. I was very impressed with myself for lasting that long (that’s what she said!). Our group were also given a lesson in Craps. Yes Craps. I didn’t realise this was a name of a game but it’s the one with the dice that Monica and Chandler play in Friends. Craps looks complicated but we all managed to get the hang of the basics and it’s a really fun game but I still lost money on it. Classic Craps. I really enjoyed all the gambling, I started having Black Jack dreams I was that obsessed. I just need to make sure I don’t bring that habit home with me.

My own hotel room

I realised on this trip that I’ve never stayed in a hotel room on my own for more than one night and now I’ve stayed in my own hotel room for 5 nights! I was a bit worried that I’d get lonely and need to be around people all the time but that wasn’t the case. The down time in my room was much needed after busy days and busy nights. Also, I had a king size double bed to myself which was glorious – I have no idea how I’m going to go back to a standard double. I’ve tasted luxury now! I keep playing with the idea in my head of living on my own so I was kind of using that as a test run. I think it would be very different though… Except for the solo dance parties. They would stay.

Checked into the hotel and already my clothes are everywhere! Also, my hair is SO long! 💇🏼

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I only went to one day of CES but it was insane. And I thought VidCon was a big convention… oh no oh no. CES is the mother of all conventions. The exhibits were enormous and there was so much stuff that there was no way you could get through it all even if you attended the whole event. I’ve never really considered myself a tech person because I’ve studied humanities but I very much work in tech with cameras, editing software, YouTube, social media etc. I was genuinely excited by everything – tech is so cool! Although, I did learn that virtual reality makes me feel nauseous.

The Night Before the Morning After

The partying was intense. And the hangovers were maybe even more intense. There was a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. We did some bar crawls which were really fun because it meant we didn’t have to organise anything and could just have a good time! Also, when you’re gambling waitresses come round and give you free drinks which just makes the whole experience even more lethal. To be honest I didn’t really like the clubs. They were too big, too busy, played generic club music and had no character. I much preferred the bars and the casinos. Mimosas at breakfast saved me.

Vegas is taking its toll on me 😶

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All in all I had an amazing time in Vegas. It’s a very strange place but you just have to embrace it and commit to it like how Vegas commits to its tackiness, its eccentricity, its gimmicks and its alcohol. I wonder if I’ll ever return…

Farewell Vegas! Big love to #PotNoodle for inviting me out here ❤️ I had an amazing time! #YouCanMakeIt

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Buffer Festival 2015

A few weeks ago in October I went to Buffer Festival. This was its third year running but it as my first attending. First of all, thanks so much to Buffer Festival and Corey for inviting me! Buffer was in Toronto and I’d never even been to Canada before so this was something to check off my list! Toronto is frickin beautiful!

Exploring Toronto 🍂

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I didn’t have that much time outside the festival to explore the city so I really hope to go back soon and really get to know the place and also visit other Canadian cities! My list is currently: Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Winnipeg (because it will make Alayna very happy). Speaking of Alayna, I spent the entire time with her (to the extent that Corey thought we were a couple!) and it was wonderful. She is one of my best internet friends and I only see her once or twice a year at events. If you don’t know who she is, you should really go subscribe to her YouTube channel – she’s brilliant!

Reunited with my Canadian lover! 🍁 @missfenderr

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So Buffer works a bit differently to other YouTube events because it focuses on screenings and premiers of content. I premiered two videos at Buffer Festival. One of them, The History of Lesbianism, is now live on my channel and you can watch it. The other one you’re going to have to wait a bit longer for!

It was so surreal and so amazing to see my videos up on the big screen. I definitely upped my game in terms of the quality of my content because I knew that it would be shown in this capacity and watching everyone else’s videos and coming away feeling completely inspired has made me want to up my game even more for Buffer Festival next year. I feel like it will be an interesting marker in my year to see how much I’ve improved in 12 months.

The Red Carpet and Gala were so much fun! I had my make up done and walked the Red Carpet with people interviewing me and asking me questions about myself. One of the most bizarre but awesome experiences. I was wearing the exact same outfit I wore to my friend’s wedding a couple months ago but ssshhhh!

Nathan & I trying to be sexy

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The meet ups were also so much fun! It was so lovely meeting you guys – I had no idea how many viewers I have in Canada! Hello Canadian viewers! It was great to have time to properly talk about the content I made and what it means to you, thank you guys so much for supporting me in this. You mean the world to me. However, I did choose to do two screenings/meet ups in a row which left me a broken woman.

Current mood

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Of course it wouldn’t be a YouTube event without parties. And oh boy were there parties. And then after-parties. Alayna and I decided to change out of our fancy dresses for the after parties and so showed up looking like this. We occupied one of the rooms and called it ‘Yoga and Chill’ where 3am yoga sessions occurred.

We know how to party at the after-party #bufferfestival #YogaAndChill

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All in all, Buffer Festival was incredible. I met some amazing creators that I had never heard of before, made new friends, met you guys and felt inspired by everything. Also, the day after Buffer a group of us went to Niagara Falls and holy shit. Breathtaking. What a weekend!

Flying over Niagara Falls in a helicopter yesterday. Absolutely incredible! Regram from @therealjulievu

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Were any of you guys at Buffer Festival? Do you want to go next year? What’s your favourite YouTube convention/event?

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

I just got back from the Fringe and oh. my. god. So last year I went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time ever and had such an incredible time that I knew I had to go back again next year. As I write this I am on day one of my post-Edinburgh detox. I have spent the last week drinking every day and even though I felt fine I know it is probably very bad for my body.

Double fisting at Edinburgh

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If you are unaware of what the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is, it is a month long arts festival. Every theatre, pub, school, church turns into a venue for showcasing comedy and theatre. But mostly comedy. There is a lot of comedy.

I was there for a week just as a fan of comedy and watched on average 4 shows a day. It’s exhausting. I have no idea how the people who are actually performing every day for a whole month do it!

Here are some of my highlights:

The Wrestling!
My first night in Edinburgh got kicked off with a bang! The Wrestling is a one-off, once every two years event where pro wrestlers and comedians FIGHT. Created by comedy duo Max & Ivan (Max used to be a professional wrestler), the event is absolutely hilarious with commentary and some pretty amazing take downs and falls. Also Milton Jones & Katherine Ryan were there! What?! Great start to Edinburgh.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family
This is my friend Ben Norris‘ show. Totally not biased. It’s about his relationship with his dad and how last summer he hitchhiked around the UK to all the different places he dad lived to try and better understand him. It’s poetic and funny and beautifully performed. Well done, Ben! So proud of you!

This one woman show by Rachael Ofori was so moving. She plays several different characters each taking a unique view of what it’s like to be a young black woman. Very funny and very real.

In Cahoots
In Cahoots is made of up Luke & Paul and they are a sketch comedy duo. Okay, they are also friends of mine but they are so so so funny! Their sketches are so slick and well rehearsed, clever writing and they are both amazing performers. They like to play around a lot with subverting your expectations and the finale may be my favourite finale to a sketch show I’ve ever seen.

Mae Martin
Mae is a Canadian comedian who I first discovered when she was a guest on Russell Howard’s Good News and she was doing the Free Fringe! Whoop! Mae was definitely my favourite stand up I saw this week and it was especially enjoyable because she spoke a lot about her parents and I was sitting there in the audience with my parents! Her set is a lot about sexual fluidity and I just think her politics is so on point. Would recommend!

Kitten Killers
Another sketch comedy group but this time women! Yay! Fran, Cat and Perdita are a force to be reckoned with. Their show was less of a show and more of a party with glow sticks, fake semen, songs about dick pics and George Osborne and One Direction fan fiction. It was 5pm when we came out of that show but it just put me in the mood to go out dancing!

Apparently this is the #edfringe aesthetic

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If you are still in Edinburgh for the last week of the Fringe I would highly recommend you seeing any of these shows. If not, follow them on Twitter because no doubt some of them will tour! My final thoughts when leaving Edinburgh was would I ever do a show myself? It looks like ridiculous hard work but so much fun. Maybe that’ll be my next project. Actually figure out if I’m funny enough for the Fringe. Thanks for an incredible and inspiring week Edinburgh!

Let me know in the comments some of your favourite shows you saw or your favourite comedians in general!

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The Hiking Bug

As you probably know I went to the USA recently with Trek America on their #iTrekHere blogger trip. You read about it here. Or watch my travel vlog! PLUG PLUG PLUG.

Now I have never been much of an outdoors person. I’m a born and raised city girl. Chose to go to university in the second biggest city in my country and now currently live in the capital city. I like cities. The countryside is boring. I’ve also never been that good with getting my hands dirty. My mum likes to remind me of this story when I was three years old and I had new wellies. We went for a walk but I refused to get out of the pram because I didn’t want to get the bottoms of my wellies dirty. The bottom of my wellies. So that was me.

I’ve definitely gotten better since and I’ve learnt to appreciate breaks from the city. You can actually BREATHE! You don’t notice it when you’ve been in London so long but as soon as you leave and the fresh air hits you, you realise that you have not been breathing correctly for months! And recently I’ve actually enjoyed going on walks with my family! Who knew?!

So although I was very happy and very comfortable going hiking in some of America’s most beautiful national parks I wasn’t prepared for how much I would enjoy it. I’m serious. I love hiking. I love camping. I love the outside. I love scenery. I love nature. I love beautiful views (oh god I sound like my mother). One of the reasons I was really sad about coming home was because I wouldn’t be going on awesome hikes everyday. But hey, I’m a strong believer in not giving up on the things you love. And when you find something you enjoy doing, keep doing it! Sure I won’t be able to do it everyday but I can still find ways to get out into the open air.

So I joined a London hiking group! (What have I become..?) And a couple weeks ago I went on one of their organised hikes in West Sussex. We got the train early on a Saturday morning, arrived in the countryside and started walking. It was a pretty big group and I’d just turned up on my own, but what I soon discovered was that pretty much everyone else had come on their own and we all became friends fairly quickly. I mean it’s no Grand Canyon but I certainly needed it.



Look English countryside! I could be anywhere in England really, it all looks the same.







There were ducks. Naturally I had to duck face with them.



Funky tree.



I can’t remember what this was called but basically it’s a pointless castle. It was built as a tester to see what the architect could do before building an actual big castle. Unfortunately, the architect died after he finished this one. Oh dear.



For some reason I found this hilarious.



Arundel castle!


We walked in on choir practice at Arundel Cathedral. One of the only Catholic Cathedrals in the UK (Henry VIII got rid of them all because Reformation/Church of England/he wanted a divorce – HISTORY LESSON!)


I was very excited about the fact that we were in Arundel. It sounded like ‘Arendelle’ to me which if you didn’t know is the fictional kingdom in Frozen.

I will definitely be going on more day breaks like this one.

Let me know in comments if you prefer the countryside or the city!

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone #iTrekHere

I love the USA. I lived there for a year when I was a kid and for the last 4 years I’ve visited at least once a year. But I’ve always gone to cities: Los Angeles, New York, San Fransisco, Austin. This trip was something different.

Trek America sent 10 vloggers/bloggers on a 10 day trip around some of America’s most beautiful National Parks. We also had a camera crew following us around (it felt like we were on Made in Chelsea/The Hills!) who produced some stunning videos! I would definitely recommend watching them.

We had two tour leaders, Tommy and Christine, who have fast become two of my favourite people in the whole world. They’re hilarious and wild. This picture alone demonstrates the lack of f*cks they give.

And of course there was our beautiful family of vloggers/bloggers! I don’t have a single picture of all of us together, unfortunately Ed’s head is chopped off in this one! These guys really did become family by the end of the trip. Everyone knew everyone’s bowel movements. I remember walking up Angel’s Landing and I said to Candice, ‘I really need a poo’ and her response was, ‘Yes! We’re finally at the place where we can talk about sh*t!’.

Speaking of Angel’s Landing. Christine & I flashed our tits to the world at the top after the most terrifying climb ever! It felt awesome. There is another photo that caught a lot more of my side boob but you’ll just have to deal with this.

Look at those peaks! At the top of Angel's Landing yesterday 🌄 #iTrekHere

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Like I said, climbing Angel’s Landing was terrifying. It was a 5 mile hike to the top and the last half mile was an extremely narrow path with a sheer drop down thousands of feet and all you had was a chain to cling on to. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before but I have a fear of heights. I’ve been known to hyperventilate at the top of a climbing structure in a children’s playground if I feel unsafe. No word of a lie. But getting to the top was exhilarating and once I got into the swing of things I started to feel more confident. Also, I was having a little competition in my head that no-one else knew about. A race to the top. And I won! Well, no-one else was playing but I still won. Angel’s Landing was the first of many challenges for me on this trip.

Have I mentioned that I’m a control freak? Well, I am. So when I was put on a horse that just did what it wanted and we rode 4 miles down Bryce Canyon I was freaking out. My horse was called Coot Berry and we managed to bond by the end of the ride.

Just rode a horse through the Wild West. I can't believe that sentence is real #iTrekHere

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I have ridden before but they were Shetland Ponies and I was a child and someone would always be holding on and walking with me. Coot Berry, however, liked living on the edge. The literal edge of the canyon. She would walk right along the edge and I could see right down to my doom. But I survived! My heart was racing the whole time and the next day my butt hurt so much I could barely sit down!

So lets combine the control freak in me with my fear of heights and wam bam thank you mam you get a fear of flying! As someone who loves to travel so much it is not the most convenient of fears. But I didn’t let that stop me from doing a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon because it’s a frickin’ HELICOPTER RIDE OVER THE GRAND FRICKIN’ CANYON. Just to clarify some of the worries of people on Twitter, Emma & I were not driving it so it was perfectly safe for us to take a selfie.

In a helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon with co-pilot @emmablackery 🚁🌄 #iTrekHere

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Once again it matched the general theme of this trip: terrifying but amazing. The views gave you a completely unique perspective of the Grand Canyon and even then you can still never really process the real scale of the thing.

On our last day of hiking participation was optional but the whole trip had given me such a high that there was no way I was skipping something. So Evan, Ed & I woke up at 4am to catch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, went to a coffee shop and then at 7am we started our hike down. We did the Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point. No-one thought we would make it because it’s such a hard hike that is supposed to take you twice as long to get back up as it does to get down. But we did it!

It took us 2.5 hours to get down and then 4.5 hours to get back up (even with Evan’s injury). If you’ve watched the videos or follow Evan on social media you will know that he fell in some cacti. It was pretty traumatic. I am so proud of myself and Evan and Ed for making that 12 mile hike. The view was unbelievably stunning and absolutely worth it. What an incredible feeling!

I did things on this trip that I would never have chosen to do and never would have thought I was capable of. I still can’t believe it and I’m so proud of myself and everyone else. And of course we rewarded ourselves properly with a night out in Las Vegas!

I’m going to miss these guys so much but I know our paths will cross again soon. Thanks Trek America for a mind-blowing experience!

Let me know in the comments ways that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone!

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How we talk about war: Hiroshima Peace Museum

I recently got back from a trip to Japan and South Korea. When in Japan with my parents we went to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. It is by the Peace Park which contains many memorials for those who died because of the atomic bomb.

We all know what happened but here’s a quick history lesson. World War II was almost over and the USA drops the first ever atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan on 6th August 1945 and then a second on Nagasaki three days later. Japan surrendered. The justification for the bombs was that they saved more lives in the long run than were killed because of the a-bombs. I’ve never studied this in explicit detail but I advise you all to think critically about this reasoning because it sure is a very convenient narrative for the Americans.

The Peace Museum definitely sends a message. I found the whole thing aggressively peaceful. I don’t know how to describe this but there were plenty of signs talking about how Hiroshima is a city of peace and will stand up for peace.

There is no mention of Americans in the museum. When they describe what happened captions say things like “the atomic bomb was dropped” rather than “the Americans dropped the atomic bomb”. No blame is placed anywhere and it’s spoken about as if it were a natural disaster. Like an earthquake or tsunami. It’s worth noting that Japan was occupied by the Americans at the end of the war so this may have had an impact on the way people spoke about it.

The most striking thing was the amount of children who died. Every glass case that I peeked in showed the burned belongings of a child and it stated their name and age, specifically what happened to them and when they died. This made it personal. It’s one thing to demonstrate the scale of the deaths and damage with big numbers but when you see the lunch box of a 12 year old who suffered deadly burns it evokes an emotional response. There was a school trip of Japanese kids there when I was visiting and I kept wondering how they were processing everything seeing the stories of children their own age.

The Peace Museum in Hiroshima poses a lot of questions about how we should talk about war and victims. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about any war museums you’ve visited.

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My 2014

Waaaaaasssuuup!!? That’s how to start a blog.

Hello my lovelies! Welcome, welcome, take a seat. There’s tea and biscuits at the back (actually there’s not but you’re more than welcome to drink tea and eat biscuits whilst you read this). It’s the end of 2014 which means just two more years until my best friend who is born on 29th February can celebrate her real birthday again. It’s very strange having a friend who’s only 6 years old. I digress.

I uploaded a video today about my New Year’s Resolutions for next year and one of those resolutions was to write more and start a blog so I’m being extra good and starting two days early! Well, the real reason is that I can’t promote an empty blog – that’d look terrible! So I’m frantically writing this whilst the video uploads and before I rush out the house to meet my friend for dinner. Here is said video:

Now no-one wants to hear the same thing over again. I can just imagine you all slamming down on your buzzers yelling ‘REPETITION’. Oh wait, you’ve never listened to the Radio 4 show Just A Minute? Well it’s not my fault you didn’t get the reference! So rather than looking forward like I do in the video, this is going to be all about looking back. What did I do in 2014? What did I achieve? What the fuck happened basically. Here we gooooooo!!!

I graduated.
This deserves to go first I feel. After three years at the University of Birmingham I graduated with a first class degree in History. I like to think I took enough modules in things relating to sex that I can say that I specialised in sexual history. Sounds pretty cool, right? I had an amazing time at university but by May I was so ready to leave. I made some lifelong friends and gained some invaluable experiences. I don’t have any photos of graduation to show you because I was on holiday with my family in Portugal at the time but here’s a photo and myself and my beautiful housemates at our festival themed end of exams party in our final year ❤



I moved to London.
This one is pretty self explanatory. I moved. But like properly this time. None of this business of coming home for weeks over Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. Oh no. I have moved. Also, my parents are going travelling and they’re renting out my room in their house so… #homeless. But not! Because I live in London! Did I mention that I live in London?

I went to Orlando, Los Angeles, Morocco and Portugal.
More travelling please. I like.

I moved on from some heartbreak.
I was really hung up on one person for most of 2013/2014 but this was the year I finally moved on and I no longer feel angry or sad all the time. No more details. That’s all you’re getting.

Okay, so a lot more happened in 2014 but I can’t think off the top of my head right now and I also don’t want this post to be too long. How long are blog posts normally? I have no idea! There should be a comment section where you can write stuff. Let me know what things you enjoyed from 2014 and Happy New Year!

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