Hannah is a 20-something British lady. She makes weekly videos on her YouTube channel where she talks about the trivial and the controversial. Hannah talks about books, TV shows, films, feminism and travel. She likes to spread positive messages about sex, relationships, body image, gender & sexuality.  🙂

Her sex positive work has been recognised by MTV & Durex – she is a member of the Global Crew for their Someone Like Me campaign which promotes healthy sex education. In 2013 she was shortlisted for Young Person of the Year at the Sexual Health Awards in partnership with Brook and FPA. And in 2014 she was shortlisted for Best Vlog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

Hannah graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first in History and she specialised in sexual history; her dissertation was about the history of sexology and sex manuals. Her short film on the History of Homosexuality was a finalist in the Guardian and Oxford University Press’ Very Short Film Competition in 2013.

As well as videos on her own channel, Hannah also hosts videos for the charity, YouthNet, who give advice and support to young people in the UK.

Hannah is an adventurer, an optimist and most importantly, a Hufflepuff.



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