Buffer Festival 2015

A few weeks ago in October I went to Buffer Festival. This was its third year running but it as my first attending. First of all, thanks so much to Buffer Festival and Corey for inviting me! Buffer was in Toronto and I’d never even been to Canada before so this was something to check off my list! Toronto is frickin beautiful!

Exploring Toronto ๐Ÿ‚

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I didn’t have that much time outside the festival to explore the city so I really hope to go back soon and really get to know the place and also visit other Canadian cities! My list is currently: Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Winnipeg (because it will make Alayna very happy). Speaking of Alayna, I spent the entire time with her (to the extent that Corey thought we were a couple!) and it was wonderful. She is one of my best internet friends and I only see her once or twice a year at events. If you don’t know who she is, you should really go subscribe to her YouTube channel – she’s brilliant!

Reunited with my Canadian lover! ๐Ÿ @missfenderr

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So Buffer works a bit differently to other YouTube events because it focuses on screenings and premiers of content. I premiered two videos at Buffer Festival. One of them, The History of Lesbianism, is now live on my channel and you can watch it. The other one you’re going to have to wait a bit longer for!

It was so surreal and so amazing to see my videos up on the big screen. I definitely upped my game in terms of the quality of my content because I knew that it would be shown in this capacity and watching everyone else’s videos and coming away feeling completely inspired has made me want to up my game even more for Buffer Festival next year. I feel like it will be an interesting marker in my year to see how much I’ve improved in 12 months.

The Red Carpet and Gala were so much fun! I had my make up done and walked the Red Carpet with people interviewing me and asking me questions about myself. One of the most bizarre but awesome experiences. I was wearing the exact same outfit I wore to my friend’s wedding a couple months ago but ssshhhh!

Nathan & I trying to be sexy

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The meet ups were also so much fun! It was so lovely meeting you guys – I had no idea how many viewers I have in Canada! Hello Canadian viewers! It was great to have time to properly talk about the content I made and what it means to you, thank you guys so much for supporting me in this. You mean the world to me. However, I did choose to do two screenings/meet ups in a row which left me a broken woman.

Current mood

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Of course it wouldn’t be a YouTube event without parties. And oh boy were there parties. And then after-parties. Alayna and I decided to change out of our fancy dresses for the after parties and so showed up looking like this. We occupied one of the rooms and called it ‘Yoga and Chill’ where 3am yoga sessions occurred.

We know how to party at the after-party #bufferfestival #YogaAndChill

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All in all, Buffer Festival was incredible. I met some amazing creators that I had never heard of before, made new friends, met you guys and felt inspired by everything. Also, the day after Buffer a group of us went to Niagara Falls and holy shit. Breathtaking. What a weekend!

Flying over Niagara Falls in a helicopter yesterday. Absolutely incredible! Regram from @therealjulievu

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Were any of you guys at Buffer Festival? Do you want to go next year? What’s your favourite YouTube convention/event?

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One thought on “Buffer Festival 2015

  1. Looks like so much fun! Amazing photos too ๐Ÿ˜€
    (I’ve been following your youtube channel for far too long so I’m ashamed to say I’ve never found your blog sooner….)


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