On Sunday 27th September 2015 I joined the Mudder Legion. On Thursday 1st October 2015 I’ve finally stopped aching everywhere, I feel ill and I’m thinking “WHY HANNAH WHY!?”. But of course I don’t regret it, I had an amazing time and I want to tell you about it.

I’ve always wanted to do a mud race, they just seem like so much fun so when my friend, Charly Lester, posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to do Tough Mudder with her I was like, ‘pick me pick me!’ and so we booked it. To be honest, I was not 100% sure what I was getting myself in to. It was only after I paid the ridiculous amount of money it costs that people started saying to me, ‘you know there’s ice water and tear gas and electric shocks?’. On the inside I was legit freaking out.

So far living in London has made me incredibly unfit and for some reason I didn’t think to train for Tough Mudder until a week before. I ran everyday for a week for a maximum of 40 minutes. I thought I’d be fine, surely it’s only a 10km run? They can’t expect us to run a really long distance and do all the obstacles, right? Wrong. When we arrived there was a massive sign informing me that it was a 12 mile course. TWELVE MILES. TWELVE FUCKING MILES. I did a half marathon a few years ago with a lot more training, no obstacles, no mud and that nearly killed me! I was not ready. But still smiling! This is Charly & me at the start line.



That didn’t last long though. Here we are right after being dunked in freezing cold ice water. This face I’m pulling represents an on-going feeling throughout the whole thing.


And then things started to get muddy! The organisers were very sneaky in that they got you wet before they got you muddy instead of the other way around so you couldn’t wash off all the mud.


This was still pretty early on. Look how happy we are! Also, from all the water and mud my top became a dress. I’m hoping a hot wash will shrink it back to normal size.

Our wonderful photographer, Amy, unfortunately couldn’t get any photos of us climbing over massive fences which to me was the scariest part. It was that moment suspended on the top, I’ve managed to get my boobs over to the other side and now I just need to fling over my legs. Terrifying. Luckily, the whole vibe of Tough Mudder is that everyone helps everyone out so there’s a lot of pulling/pushing and touching various body parts. Everyone gets very close.

I am 5ft small and at some points this worked to my advantage and at other points I was left stranded thinking, ‘this obstacle is definitely built for a 6ft man!’. Anything that involved crawling on the ground in tubes or under barbed wire – nailed it. There’s no way I’m getting scratched. However, there was one fence where the foot holes were so far apart my leg just could not reach. Someone over the other side had to grab my hand and drag me up. Fun times!


I have to say I was very impressed with my monkey bar skills. I used to be really good at monkey bars as a kid but I assumed I’d be crap at it now because I have no upper body strength but no! I don’t weigh much so I didn’t have that much to keep up and once I got swinging and got a momentum going I was off! Unfortunately, at one point I stupidly decided to look down. I realised how high up I was, screamed and then dropped into the water. Well done me!

Charly and I skipped the tear gas obstacle because fuck that. But we did the electric shock one and I managed to run through and avoid getting shocked! Yay thank you tiny body!

They were handing out cider on the finish line which resulted in this epic photo happening. What a great feeling of triumph!


What a day! I ran just short of a half marathon, got soaked, drenched in mud and used many muscles I didn’t even know existed! Thanks Charly for being my partner in crime and thanks Amy for taking these photos! I had so much fun and would definitely recommend doing a Tough Mudder if you’re into that kind of thing!

Have you ever done one? How did you find it? Would you ever do one? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “TOUGH MUDDER 2015!

  1. Hi Hannah We are recall proud of you. What an achievement to complete the course. We hope we will see you sometime somewhere! Lots of love Nudy and Standards xx


  2. Hi Hannah,

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. The big question from viewers and followers into OCR (obstacle course racing) is – will you do another TM or other event? If so, do let us know, there are a plethora of discount codes (TM is notoriously expensive at base price) and a vibrant and expanding community. I’m at just shy of 50 events personally over the past two years, so can vouch for there being a lot out there for all abilities and budgets!

    Something that might interest you in particular is OCRs near 50-50 gender divide, in addition to broad age range and body types. Even the elites running for prizes and titles are known for mucking in (pardon the pun) and helping other participants out, regardless of ability and experience. You will also have noted the signs TM have about the difference between a helping hand and inappropriate touch. Tip of the iceberg on a community more thought of as family by those in it. Incredibly positive, supportive, and respectful.

    Anyhow, that’s got a bit preachy and waffly, but would love to know more about your thought on our sport. Hope to see you on a course sometime. P.


  3. Ooohh that looks like fun! I’d definitely do this. Preferably with a friend. But, unfortunately, we don’t have an event like this in Austria. ^^”


  4. Hi Hannah,

    I really love your blog! Particularly I love your record of health (mental and physical) events throughout your blog–not to mention your education videos (loved the hetero-norms stuff)! So here I am dropping a line–not only to say hi and let’s chat, but also to nominate you for versatile blogger award. It’s a small badge of recognition, but I’d really love for you to be nominated for it since you truly inspire me on a professional level as a blogger and on a personal level as, well, a fellow human. You can find more information on the award on my blog:

    Can’t wait to hear from you!



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