Heteronormativity in Everyday Life #heteronorms

Earlier this week I posted a video called ‘What is Heteronormativity?’ where I discussed gender roles, gender identity and sexuality and how in society we often assume that everyone is heterosexual and cis gender. And actually this assumption can be quite harmful.

Over the last week I asked you to share examples of heteronormativity that you’ve seen or experienced on twitter using #heteronorms and I wanted to reflect on them now. There were SO MANY, I really wasn’t expecting such a huge response so thank you very much for getting involved in this little project.

You should be able to wear what you want to prom regardless of your gender.

This is so awfully old fashioned.

This message actually really makes me angry because it’s one of the ways that heteronormativity and the patriarchy work most subtly. By telling boys to go off and have adventures and telling girls to nod and smile from such an early age it really puts the gears into motion into creating seemingly passive women.

It’s like even just the possibility of the dog being gay doesn’t even cross their minds.

Urrrrghhhhhhh no.

Actually, there’s a whole ton of different ways to make a baby now that don’t involve a penis going inside a vagina. Yay science!

This is such a great example because it’s still projecting heteronormativity on to a homosexual relationship by trying to categorise them into male/female roles.


And that is just some of them! If you want to see all the submissions you can check out Wellcome Collection’s Storify. This has been quite a negative blog complaining a lot so I wanted to end of a positive note. One of the ways in which we can combat heteronormativity in society is calling it out when we see it. So don’t stop here. When you see something heteronormative tell people about it, spread the word, offer an alternative way that is less alienating to LGBTQ+ people. Even if you just change things little by little in your immediate world, you’re still making a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this project, I loved seeing how enthusiastically you were all getting involved!

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4 thoughts on “Heteronormativity in Everyday Life #heteronorms

  1. Hannah I think you need to host an event where people can meet and discuss this issue among others concerns about social prejudices. Also maybe it can involve some kind of debate style discussion. I.e. this house believes that…etc

    I think many of people who view your content would enjoy and be very willing to take part in such an event. Maybe it can even be hosted at the wellcome collection.

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