My First Year In London

Yeah so this happened. I did it! Can’t believe it’s  been a year already in this incredible city and I’m so proud of myself for still being here and not broke and back at my parents’ house! So I thought I would share with you some of my highlights of the past year.


I ❤️ London. Still can't believe I live in this wonderful city.

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On a regular basis I will be walking around my city (this reaction is most likely to occur when walking across a bridge) and I will suddenly get an overwhelming thought of “Oh my god, I live here!” And it’s not just me, a lot of my friends who have also recently moved here get the same thing. It’s pretty cool.


My move to London was definitely a spontaneous decision and a risk. I always knew I wanted to live here but I kind of expected to wait a while until I could support myself financially. But screw that! I’d just had one of the best summers of my life after graduating from university and I wasn’t keen on the idea of moving back to Manchester, living with my parents and twiddling my thumbs until I could move to London so I just moved. For the first 6 weeks I was staying with family and family friends (I am very lucky that I could do this) whilst I got to work on my YouTube channel and looked for a part time job. I got a job at a catering agency which was great flexible work so I could fit it around my schedule. But then the wonderful people at YouthNet offered me a part time job with them. Two days a week making videos for their YouTube channel. Perfect! So I quit the catering job and started working for myself part time and working for YouthNet part time. Then in July I left YouthNet to become a full time YouTuber! I started to notice my workload getting a lot bigger and I wanted extra time to myself for research and personal development (i.e. passion projects and reading more about sexuality & gender). So my risk paid off! It only took me 11 months to be in a position where I could start doing what I love full time! Fingers crossed I don’t mess this up…


Yay! Congratulations Hannah, you have friends. No but seriously, this is a big deal. Like, how do you make friends as an adult when you move to a new city? It’s a weird one that no-one really talks about. Lucky for me, a lot of my YouTube friends already lived in London so when I moved I just settled into a ready-made friendship group. But as much as I love all my YouTube friends, I definitely craved having friendships outside of that circle. So I moved into a place with a bunch of strangers who have now become my friends, and I’ve made friends through improv, hiking, YouthNet and just talking to people I meet. A lot of these new friendships are more just one-on-one friends rather than a new circle but it’s fun and refreshing none the less! And it’s always good to have friends who do a different job than you – it forces you to talk about something different!




So I think I’ve mentioned this before but just in case I haven’t: I live in a warehouse. It’s a converted warehouse so don’t worry we have a living room/kitchen area, bathrooms and individual bedrooms. There are 11 of us living here and I love it. There’s always people around to hang out with if you want to but you can also shut yourself away in your room and no-one will bug you. We have SO MUCH SPACE so it’s great for filming and storing all the posters and tote bags I have! I may do a warehouse tour at some point on my YouTube channel so let me know if you’d be interested in that.


One of the things I didn’t like about university was that I spent all my reading energy on reading history books and researching things for essays or exams. I barely read for pleasure. But now in London I read for pleasure ALL THE TIME! And I don’t care if it’s going to take me an hour to get somewhere on the tube because I’ll get to read. I have read so much in the last year and it feels great. I still won’t complete the 50 book challenge this year but whatever, I’ve read more books since moving to London than I have in ages! If you want to keep up with what I’m reading you can follow me on Goodreads. 

What should I read next?

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Obviously, a lot more has happened than that but I don’t want to bore you with details. But basically, this has been an amazing and life changing year and I can’t wait to see what the next one holds! One thing I’m not proud of is that I’m bad at discovering new bars/cafes/pubs/things to do. I tend to know about a few and just stick to what I know so please if you know any cool places please let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “My First Year In London

  1. Sounds like you have had a fantastic year. It is amazing to see/read how much you have accomplished throughout this past year and how many fantastic memories you have made. I cannot wait to move to London in a few weeks to study Psychology at University. I am not sure what it is about London, but it such a life changing place.


  2. You are definitely right about the finding friends as an adult thing, it’s actually deceptively tricky. I’m glad you’re having such a great time Hannah!


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